Our on-going maintenance clean includes:


  • Clean all counters
  • Clean exterior of large appliances and any small appliances sitting on counter tops
  • Clean exterior of stove (includes stovetop and drip pans)
  • Clean oven/stove hood
  • Scrub, dry, and polish sinks
  • Spot clean exterior of cabinets
  • Wipe down/wash backsplash
  • Vacuum and mop (or dry mop) floor

Dining Area:

  • Wipe down table and chairs


  • Scrub and fully clean tub/shower, including all tile
  • Scrub and fully clean toilet
  • Clean and dry sinks and vanities
  • Clean all mirrors
  • Replace bathroom linens
  • Clean floor


  • Dust furniture/knick-knacks
  • Replace bed linens or make beds
  • Vacuum or clean floor

Throughout the House:

  • Vacuum and/or clean all floors and stairs in all rooms
  • Remove all cobwebs
  • Wipe down light switch plates and door knobs
  • Dust and/or wipe down light fixtures (including hanging, table, and floor lamps)
  • Dust/clean horizontal surfaces (including counter tops and furniture)
  • Dust/clean baseboard, chair railing, stair railing
  • Empty and remove trash from room waste baskets
  • Vacuum upholstery
  • Shake out small area rugs

You might opt to add:

  • Wash inside of windows within reach; or outside of 1st floor windows/sliders within reach
  • Dust blinds (not individual slat cleaning)
  • Dust/clean air vents
  • Clean door/door frames
  • Change table linens (placemats/napkins/table cloth)
  • Clean inside refrigerator (as needed)
  • Broom sweep front/back walkways
  • Vacuum pet beds
  • Wash dishes/unload dishwasher
  • Clean, dust laundry facilities
  • Or other!

We're happy to design tailored cleaning services just for your home. Let us know how we can provide the best home care program for you! Contact us today!

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