A ballpark estimate of the cost for our services:

On-Going Service: Regular cleaning service (weekly, bimonthly, monthly) requires an in-person meeting in order to initiate. Despite the immediacy of online scheduling and estimating on the market today, an in-person meeting remains the 'gold standard' for implementation of the best possible cleaning service a client can buy. In other words, our online quote can give you an idea of our prices, but can't substitute for a clear understanding of what you need and what we will provide.

One-Time Service (Move-In, Move-Out, or Deep-Clean): For one-time services an in-person meeting is best, however we know that especially in the circumstance of a move this might not be possible. In this case, we can give you an estimate via phone with the understanding that it is only an estimate. You can always choose one of two scenarios: we clean within an agreed upon amount, or we clean until all required tasks are complete.

We charge based on these combined factors:

1. Square footage to be cleaned.

2. Tasks to be completed.

3. Living condition of your home (spaces heavily used vs. occasionally used; many items to be dusted vs. spare decoration).

4. Level of cleaning requested (deep vs. maintenance).

One of two approaches:

1. You're the boss: We clean only what you request each time. For example, some folks only need help with the bathrooms, kitchen, and floors. No dusting, no special projects. Basically they need us to help them maintain their home.

2. We're the boss: We maintain your home for you, soup to nuts. We clean the same things each week, but we also are constantly on the lookout for what needs touch up (baseboards, cabinets, refrigerator). Basically you leave the cleaning of your home to us within an agreed upon price.

Here are some ranges for square footage needing service:

1000 to 1500 sf $75 to $130
2000 to 2500 sf $125 to $215
3000 to 3500 sf $180 to $300
4000 sf and up $240 and up





(Our minimum charge for a service visit is $75.)

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