All of our cleaning agents are Green Seal or Green Guard certified.

Our vacuums are the best on the market today.


Products We Use

One of the biggest priorities at Clean For Good is our policy regarding the cleaning agents we use on your home. This is twofold.

1. We clean using a Safety First commitment. We remain educated on the health implications cleaning agents have on both our customers and our staff. The current trend toward the employment of safer cleaning agents within the commercial and residential cleaning industries is influenced by the evidence-based understanding that these chemicals not only affect the daily user, but are not necessary for effective removal of soil from the client's environment.

2. Because the residential and commercial cleaning industries exert an impact on the environment everyday (and very much so on our shared water resources) Clean For Good chooses up-to-date cleaning agents which exert the least impact possible.

All of our products are Green Seal or Green Guard certified.

To clear up a common misconception among the general public, Green Seal products clean as well as, if not more effectively than, the popular and more well-known agents on the market today. Our product lineup is commercial grade, highly effective, and health-friendly. This is good news for your family, pets, and the materials and surfaces you ask us to clean.

All of our vacuums hold the Gold Seal from Carpet and Rug Institute. Our vacuums are the best on the market today.

CRI establishes the industry standard for vacuums in the removal of soil and the protection of indoor air quality. Their Seal of Approval/Green Label program offers a three-tier certification to vacuum manufacturers. Clean For Good employs only those machines which hold the highest certification, the Gold Seal. You can be sure the vacuums we use on your home are the most effective on the market today.








We remain educated on the current advancements in the industry.