Our Company Policies

Payment, Pricing, Contract/Service Agreement, Fees:

How We Price / Ongoing Rates For Service:

  1. We initiate service with a new client via an optional estimate based on basic information the prospective client provides either through the company website, email or via phone.
  2. We then design a custom cleaning plan with the client in-person or via phone conversation which is stated on a Service Agreement and for which we provide our best cost and time estimate for completion. If Service Agreement is constructed via phone (and not in-person), the client understands that our estimate is not as reliable as it would be if we’d met in-person.
  3. Customer agrees to the Service Agreement and company Policies and Procedures via email confirmation and we proceed. We do not require a contract for recurring service. This enables either party to end the business relationship as needed.
  4. If during the first cleaning the service time exceeds our estimate by more than 30 minutes, we’ll adjust up accordingly. For 30 minutes or less, we absorb.
  5. Going forward with ongoing maintenance (if this is desired by the Client) we will determine a flat fee per cleaning after our 2nd cleaning of your home. This almost always involves a reduction of our cost to clean your home since usually the 1st and 2nd cleaning of a new client's home takes longer (due to a number of factors.) The Client will confirm agreement of flat fee via email, and maintenance service will be set into place.
  6. Flat fee is determined in part on the frequency of service rendered. Per-month and per-week service will differ in time requirements for obvious reasons. If the client needs to cancel service once or twice in a row, we don’t automatically charge extra for the next time we provide service. Instead, we give you the choice of the following via email the week prior to appointment:
    1. Accomplish regular clean plan with the possibility that we might have to charge extra for additional time.
    2. Stick to regular flat fee and prioritize duties with kitchen, bathrooms, general dusting and floors addressed first.

Payment Policy:

Payment is due the day of each scheduled clean. We accept check and cash. If owner is not home when we leave, checks can be left in visible location on kitchen counter, made out to Clean For Good LLC. We can only accept cash in-person from the client in sealed envelope (we provide these on our first clean in our Welcome Packet for your use.)


  1. Cancellation:  In order to maintain our commitment to consistent service for our existing clientele, we will turn away new business or place potential clients on a waiting list. Therefore, we require a 24-hour notification by email or phone (voice message is fine) that you need to cancel your scheduled appointment with us. If we don’t hear from you, and we aren’t able to fill your appointment slot with another client, we will charge a $30 late cancellation fee. Exceptions to this policy would include unforeseen events like illness or death in the family.
    1. Cancellation on Our End:  If we have to cancel or reschedule your cleaning without giving 24 hour notice (except for inclement weather or emergency—see below), you will receive 20% off your next cleaning.
    2. Lock-Out Fee:  If our staff is unable to enter your home when we arrive to clean for any reason due to client (see below) we will charge a Lock-Out Fee of 50% of your cleaning cost. This fee is necessary to compensate our staff for mileage/gas to your home, as well as unexpected loss in revenue. Some reasons for lock-out are listed here to help as a reminder for preparation for our visit:
      1. Deadbolt lock in use.
      2. Animals not contained that were previously agreed would be contained.
      3. Staff is turned away at door by someone in home.
      4. Other companies are at work in significant area of home (for example, construction, carpet cleaning).
      5. Key is not left in usual place.
      6. Door is not left open as planned.
      7. Garage door won’t open with code provided by client.
      8. Returned Check:  In the event of a returned check, we will charge you what our bank charges us, which is $30.


Service Guarantee, Service Limitations:

100% Guarantee on Our Services:

  1. We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all items on our Service Agreement with you. If any aspect of our service is unsatisfactory to you, we will correct and resolve the issue at our soonest opportunity.
  2. If you are dissatisfied with our service, please notify us within 24 hours of our visit to your home. In this way we’ll be able to ensure a quick resolution of the matter. You can contact us any time, day or night, via email or phone/voice message.

Service Limitations:

  1. Due to liability and other issues, our staff will not be able to engage in the following when cleaning your home:
    1. Standing on furniture or ladders to reach high spaces such as cathedral ceilings, ceiling fans, and highly placed windows. Our staff uses dusters on extension poles and will dust and remove cobwebs as high as they are able.
    2. Moving heavy objects such as large/heavy furniture or major appliances such as refrigerators and washer/dryers.
    3. Cleaning vomit and feces not contained in a toilet.
    4. Cleaning in area with freshly sprayed pest control.
    5. Cleaning in area where someone very ill, or with high fever, is present.


What We Provide During Cleaning Service:

Supplies and Tools:

  1. We will provide all supplies to clean your home, to include cleaning chemicals, hand tools/rags/paper towels, and vacuums. If you prefer we use a particular tool or cleaning substance of yours, we are happy to accommodate. Please note, however, we comply with all restrictions put forth by OSHA. In the event damage is caused by cleaning chemicals and their instruction for use you provide for us, the risk will be assumed by you and our guarantee will not apply to the instance.


  1. Each of our one to two person clean teams includes a lead staff member who is responsible for overall quality control of our service. She/he will sign off on the tasks the team executed according to our standards of excellence. We use a Checklist for your home based on your Service Agreement. If any problem arises, the team lead will contact our management during the service visit so to resolve any issues on-site and ensure completion of the cleaning.
  2. We are committed to providing the same clean team to you for each visit. However, as expected, illness arises or other emergency, and there might be times when a member of your team will need to be substituted with different staff. Rest assured, each of our cleaners is trained in the same way, and therefore can execute our services at any home.


Client Responsibility:


  1. In order to work as efficiently as we can for you, we need to work in a clutter-free space. We understand that items might be left out from time to time, but when there are too many belongings left lying around, we will carefully consolidate them into a pile on the side for your attention later. We ask that food be put away and dishes be removed from the sink/counter unless your Service Agreement specifies you want dishes washed each cleaning. If our time to clean goes past the agreed upon maintenance servicing due to the washing of too many dishes or consolidation of belongings, we’ll have to bill for the extra time. If you think it will be typical that you’ll have to leave dishes for us to take care of, that can be easily added to our list of regular cleaning tasks for your home.

Air Quality:

  1. House cleaning is physical work and requires a well-ventilated, reasonably cooled work environment. Summer/Spring in the Northern Virginia area can become quite warm, so if your A/C is not working, please notify us for a reschedule.

Easy Access to Entry:

  1. Our teams will be carrying their clean kits and vacuums from their car to your front door. They’ll need to have a clear, safe path to your home. Please have any snow/ice removed beforehand and any construction/personal debris moved aside or removed.

Occupants and Distractions At Home:

  1. Our clean teams arrive at your home ready to work. Please ensure that their work areas are free of distractions from people, pets, loud media, and anything that might reasonably be considered a hindrance to the progress of our staff.
  2. Please reschedule your cleaning service with us when there will be construction going on in your home. For reasons of liability, we can’t be present when other companies are working in the space we clean. This can include chimney sweeps, handy-man services, drapery and carpet cleaners, plumbers, and the like. If we can work around them (on separate levels of your home) we’ll have you leave a signed liability release form for us for damage/theft of property prior to our visit.

Special Projects and Add-ons:

  1. We are happy to address anything outside of your Service Agreement as long as it is scheduled one week prior to our service visit. Please call or email your wishes and we’ll schedule the extra time to accomplish it. Sometimes issues pop up at the last minute for our clients, for example last-minute house guests are to arrive and the guest room needs attention, and in these cases we’ll do our best to work around our scheduling to provide the extra needed time for you, however we can’t guarantee it. If possible, please plan ahead. Our cleaning staff won’t be able to deviate from your Service Agreement without instruction from management first.


Pet Policy:

Interference and Safety:

  1. We love pets, but we love to provide the best cleaning service for you even more. With both of these in mind, we have devised a pet policy we think works for all. Our staff requires efficient access to their work area, therefore if your pet tends to be in the way of our cleaning, you’ll need to keep your pet away from our work area. We don’t require containment in these instances, and are amenable to your pet rotating through the house away from where our team is working, but we can’t be responsible for moving him/her around. Someone else would have to do this. If your pet doesn't interfere with our work, we’re happy to have their company.
  2. If any of our staff feels unsafe around one of your pets, we will need that pet to be away from the work area. We require containment in a room, the outdoors, or a cage while we are there. This would be explicitly stated on our Service Agreement with you ahead of time. If we arrive at your home and find the pet at large with no one to handle containment, we would have to leave the premises and charge you the lock-out fee of 50% of the agreed upon or estimated cleaning cost.
  3. In consideration of the health of our cleaners, we can’t clean litter boxes, pet vomit/feces, or in a flea-infested environment.


Breakage, Damage, Theft:


  1. Our cleaning staff is trained in the proper, safe handling of client property/belongings, however unfortunately accidents can occur. If this happens, our staff will report the breakage to our office immediately, and we will leave the broken item(s) in an obvious place for you to see (i.e. the kitchen counter).
  2. Our liability policy provides coverage for these circumstances. Our protocol for these occurrences is to discuss/confirm the situation with you via phone; receive replacement receipt from you for item; send you reimbursement for your loss as soon as we receive the funds from our insurance company (this usually takes a few days).


  1. As with breakage of items in your home, any damage to your home property must be reported to us immediately. If you notice something our staff doesn’t, please notify us within 24 hours of our service visit to your home, or as soon as you notice any suspected damage. The longer it takes for our notification of the situation, the more difficult it will be to properly address the situation. We carry a liability policy which will cover damage caused by our staff. We will work with you to recover loss in these situations.


  1. Our entire staff passes a thorough background check, and we take the greatest care in our hiring process. Should the unfortunate happen, and it is determined that theft of your property by one of our staff has occurred, we carry a janitorial insurance bond to cover such instances. If you suspect an instance of theft by our staff, our policy requires that you file a police report with local authorities. We also require that you notify us as soon as you suspect something is missing.
  2. We feel precaution is the best protection. We ask that you do not leave money or valuables sitting in the open. Our staff is instructed to clean around such valuables, and then to report to our office that such items were found in plain view. We'll typically remind you that such items are best kept under cover in the future.


Pertaining to Our Employees:

Tips and Positive Feedback:

  1. We pay our employees well, and provide the added benefit of an education expense reimbursement plan to help enable the achievement of their long-term personal goals. If you feel you’d like to tip any of our staff because of the excellent service they provide, please let us know and all monies will go to your cleaner.
  2. If you feel our staff has provided you with excellent home care, or has gone above and beyond your expectations, please feel free to let us know that you think so. We are always interested to hear this from our clients, and feel it’s very important that our staff is aware our clients have noticed their dedication.


Holidays, Inclement Weather, Emergencies:

Days and Hours We Clean:

  1. We clean Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. We are closed the following days:
    1. New Year’s Day
    2. Memorial Day
    3. Fourth of July
    4. Labor Day
    5. Thanksgiving Day
    6. Christmas Eve
    7. Christmas Day

Inclement Weather Policy/School Closures/Severe Weather:

  1. When Fairfax and Loudoun Counties are closed due to weather or other emergency, some of our staff will not be available to clean. Not all of our staff will be affected, therefore we handle school closure on an individual basis. We’ll inform you of the need to reschedule as soon as we learn about any closure via email notification to you, so please be mindful of this possibility. We will work as diligently as possible to get staff out to you on these days, but there is always the possibility that we’ll need to reschedule your appointment. If you have an urgent need for our service anytime during the winter months (for example, you are hosting guests) please let us know and we’ll be better equipped to ensure consistency in your service during periods of expected winter storm weather.
  2. When our metropolitan area is hit with major snow, ice, or hurricane weather, Clean For Good staff will not be available to clean. For obvious safety reasons we will not allow our staff to drive in unsafe conditions. During these weather events we’ll gladly work with you to reschedule a missed appointment as soon as possible if you prefer.