Our Story

Clean For Good ? What does that mean exactly?

The Good  in our company name has real meaning for our staff. It refers to the positive effect our company has not only on our clients’ lives, but our staff, and ultimately our community here in Northern Virginia.

Our experience of home  is a big part of our lives. It has to do with the combination of place and people we identify as uniquely and profoundly familiar. There is no other place like our home.

But life here in Northern Virginia gets busy, and the very place that provides comfort can sometimes be a source of stress. We look around and see the dirty floors, dusty shelves, the ubiquitous dishes and laundry, not to mention scuff marks, cobwebs, and piles of unread mail. The problem is that we don't have the time or energy to address it, and there are days when it just drives us bananas!

Clean For Good’s sole function is to reduce, or eliminate that stress for you. We take this job so seriously that it is our company’s mission. Not only do we work to erase the dissatisfaction you might have with your living space, we want to deliver back to you a place you hardly recognize. We kind of see ourselves as matchmakers in this regard. We want you to fall in love again with your beautiful home.

We never underestimate our role in creating peace of mind for our customers. We know the service we provide is serious business. Every single home we give back to our customers is an opportunity to create happiness in our community. That’s a big deal!

But we’re up to more Good.

If we’re able to create a satisfied clientele, we figured why not create satisfaction within our company, too? As we set out to build the best residential cleaning service possible, we asked, “How can we make this come full circle?” Plus, we know that a happy staff will translate to a dedicated service force.

We all hope to find some kind of purpose to our work, to be able to set personal goals and achieve them. We all want something that compels us forward every day to put our best effort out there. While a competitive wage is important to every employee, it isn’t the only thing that keeps our head and heart in the game. The challenge for a house cleaning company is how to build meaning and purpose into scrubbing a toilet.

So we asked the question: What are our staff's goals? Can we leverage their dedication to our customer in order to help them achieve those goals? Or, can we leverage their work toward personal goals in order to create a dedicated staff?

Like anybody, our staff wants a better life for themselves and their families, so that’s what Clean For Good wants to help them achieve.

We take 10% of our profit and invest it back into our employees. These funds are used to reimburse their education expenses, whether they’re for college tuition, high school GED prep courses, adult education courses, or English language classes. This is in addition to providing a competitive wage for all our staff. Our house cleaners build their own education accounts with every beautifully clean house they deliver to our customers. We then reimburse expenses toward any class for which they’ve earned a minimum 2.7 GPA.

We see the good we create as an interconnected whole: we provide satisfaction and peace of mind for our customer which then enables our hard-working employees to achieve important personal goals which then provides for a better community. This is how we Clean For Good.